November 5, 2012

Roll Ups keep rolling

When I first created the Roll Ups and posted them on Etsy I really never thought they would go as far as they would. It was an idea that I came up with, from observing my own guinea pigs and noticing what works and what doesn't, listening to the silent nose raisings, and trying different variations of a design until I got it just right.
It seems that they are now loved world wide, I have been making them constantly ever since the first posting here and they have been posted to the U.K, Canada, Italy, U.S and Australia. I am absolutely thrilled that something I love to create so much, has obviously touched so many hearts. It inspires me to create more.
The latest addition is my 'boys only' range - which spurred from a customer requesting some custom made items for her boy piggy. Having only girls myself, I realised I had unwittingly neglected the boys, and thanks to this lovely lady, I now shop for interesting fabrics for both boys and girls.
Space boy, is the theme of the pictured roll up. It just looks like so much fun doesn't it. I hope my customers and followers love it also.

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