December 29, 2010

Catching Up before the new Year

Oh my gosh I can't believe that the last time I wrote here was back in October !
I have been very busy with art works but  everything came to a grinding halt in mid Novemberwhen I fell ill. I have been off work for over a month now, and even though the home time has given me ample time to create, it's been quite a challenge physically to keep up with my active imagination.  I'm starting to come good now and fired up to meet the goals and challenges I have set myself for the new year.

I spent most of the month of November madly working on several projects which I was unable to post until now because they were all gifts for family and friends. I didn't want to ruin anyone's surprise. But now that they have them I can share them with you all and I hope you like them.

I focused on a bit more traditional style quilting, creating a table runner for my mother. It measures about 1m in length and now proudly sits on her kitchen bench (when the cat isn't trying to claim it as hers). This project was basic block work together with a little free form machine embroidery - which I have been teaching myself. I had a lot of fun making it and even more fun hiding it from prying eyes every time she came to visit !

The second project I have been working on was a small table runner/centrepiece for a very close friend of mine who is a 'caffine enthusiast' ! I would use the word 'addict' but fear that is a bit harsh. It measures approximately 50cm x 50cm and I finished it in rich colours of coffee browns and creams. To personalise it I used free form machine embroidery to stitch on the words 'coffee' and 'friends' in both English and Finnish (his native language). He was thrilled with the gift and I look forward to sharing coffee's with him over it.

I've enjoyed getting back to the more traditional quilting style for a change. It was good to re-learn the basics and co ordinate fabrics and patterns on a different scale and shape. Of course the biggest reward was seeing them go to people I know will love them. That makes all the hard work worthwhile.

I'm presently finishing up multi segment art quilt project which i hope to have posted here very soon. And I'm also working on a series of 'recycled fabric' bags and purses that I'm hoping to put  up in Etsy site in the new is a sneak peek of what's to come....

Thank you so much to those who have been following me here and a huge thank you for all the comments left. I was very touched. I'd also like to thank Rose Hughes for mentioning me on her blog...She continues to inspire me in many ways. So I am wishing everyone a very creative, healthy, happy new year...filled with new friendships and lots of laughter and smiles. See you in 2011.

December 2, 2010

A new face.......

Not long after the passing away of my beloved Coco, I also lost another pet. One of my pet cavys became very sick and sadly had to be put to sleep. It broke my heart. But I knew she had a great life, even if it was short. She originally came to me from a rescue shelter, where she had been rescued from a life of neglect and poor health. They had rehabilitated her and she spent the rest of her time with me and her room mate Paris. Her name was Somali.
Since Somali's death, Paris was lost. Guinea pigs are not solitary creatures. They thrive in groups. Paris was so lonely and depressed.
So in early December a new piggy graced my home. Her name is Snickers...which she was crowned with because of her chocolate and caramel coloured hair and the fact that she is a little 'nutty'. I thought I'd post up a picture of her for you all to see. Paris is a new girl since Snickers has come to live with us. They live very happily together in a totally pampered lifestyle with me and my 3 cats.