November 13, 2012

Preparing for Summer

Time to get busy ! The new fabrics for my store are upon me and I'm spending the next few weeks making up some goodies for summer piggy comfort.

Millie draping herself over an ice brick !
Snickers, Paris and Millie...attempting to share an ice brick !
Summer is well and truly about to hit us and everybody who knows Guinea pigs, knows that they really don't take the heat too well. Mine are often huddled around the cool bricks that I give them during the hot months.

So I've decided to remake a popular seller in my store and modify it for summer...The sleep out bags will soon also be available in cotton, inner and outer (with a plush soft core) so that our poor piggies do not roast when we cuddle them !

Here is the fabrics that are waiting ! Oh much to get done ! I'm hoping to have some in store in the next few weeks and I hope everyone out there who have tried my sleep out bags will love them.

November 5, 2012

Roll Ups keep rolling

When I first created the Roll Ups and posted them on Etsy I really never thought they would go as far as they would. It was an idea that I came up with, from observing my own guinea pigs and noticing what works and what doesn't, listening to the silent nose raisings, and trying different variations of a design until I got it just right.
It seems that they are now loved world wide, I have been making them constantly ever since the first posting here and they have been posted to the U.K, Canada, Italy, U.S and Australia. I am absolutely thrilled that something I love to create so much, has obviously touched so many hearts. It inspires me to create more.
The latest addition is my 'boys only' range - which spurred from a customer requesting some custom made items for her boy piggy. Having only girls myself, I realised I had unwittingly neglected the boys, and thanks to this lovely lady, I now shop for interesting fabrics for both boys and girls.
Space boy, is the theme of the pictured roll up. It just looks like so much fun doesn't it. I hope my customers and followers love it also.

May 17, 2012

The creativity is flowing over

In my recent absence from my beloved blog, I have been busy getting my New Craft Business and Etsy store up and running, as I'm sure you will have noticed the blog's name change. It's been a busy time for me, and a steep learning curve, but finally things are making sense.

I'm glad to say that both Studio 4 Paws and my ETsy store seem to be doing well, better than I originally thought acutally.
There have been many creations that have missed the posts on here, and I'll endeavour to recap in upcoming posts, but for now, I'll start right where I am.

I've been creating a line of guinea pig bedding, in the hope that there are others out there who adore thier pigs as much as I my complete surprise, it seems there are many ! So this inspired me to keep going and creating cosy and comfortable bedding that would make people go 'wow'.
Millie, my white and youngest girl, has become the star model of the current range, and she is a natural model. I simply pop her into position and she holds a pose better than any professional vogue star. Of course the treats at the end of the session, DO seem to help. lol.
Anyway, I'm endeavouring to once again keep my blog up to date and will be highlighting some current projects I'm working on.

Below are some pictures of my Piggy Rolls, that are currently for sale in my Etsy I hope you love them....and would be more than please to hear your feedback?
I'm curretnly working on a new creation, yes, for the pigs again. It's something I think they would love and something I haven't seen in any shop yet, so keep your eyes on this spot for that one.

As well as that, I'm about to embark on some sewing for technology ! E-reader covers and other similar things, as I've had several friends comment to me how much they would love to see something unique out there to house their technology in.
Honestly I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head right now....I just can't wait to get them all happening in reality...
The Strawberry Fields Roll Up

The Green Veg Roll Up (sold out now, but more coming)