May 20, 2013

Improvements to Sleep out bags...

Hello everyone !
I've been working hard sewing over the last few weeks. Winter is fast approaching and our piggies are needing warmth during these cold nights. So, inspired by some wonderful new fabrics and recent customer feedback, I have endeavoured to improve the popular Sleep out bags !
These new ones work on the same bag like design only a few things are new. I have altered the size slightly, they are ever so slightly smaller (25cm x 25cm) (10 inches x 10 inches). They also have a half circumference of reinforcement in the top so that if you are not using them as cuddle bags, you can lay them flat in the cage and the opening will stay open just enough so that your piggy can find his/her way inside. They are still totally washable and just as durable as the other ones.
But I realise that some people still either have bigger piggies or just want bigger bags, so I will continue to make the older style. To set them apart I have named the new design 'sleep IN bags' and the old will remain 'sleep OUT bags'.
I hope that the improvements will give you all more choice and options. And please do continue any feed back because this is what helps me improve my products.
The new fabrics that will be rolling out in the next few weeks are soooo cute. Please keep an eye on the store at Etsy.