October 9, 2010

Rainbow Fields

The month of September this year saw the passing away of my beloved companion 'Coco'. He reached a ripe old age of 15 before being sadly struck down with kidney failure and passing away in my arms on the night of the 8th of September. He was the most beautiful boy - rescued from a community recycle bin with his brother Scooter (who is still with me), remembered for his deep rumbling purr, is fluffy dark brown fur, bizzare sleeping positions (see pic) and his human like ability to eat with this paws......he is sadly missed.

During his final hours, late into the night when I could not sleep as I sat with him knowing he didn't have long to live.....I decided to start a mini art quilt in honour of his life and to help him pass to his next life which hopefully is very beautiful. I wanted to surround him with positive feelings around the time of his death that would make his transition a peaceful one. I found it very calming to be creating a picture of the place I hoped he would go, and this quilt which is now framed and in my room depicts the 'rainbow fields' that I hoped he would play in. Based on Rose Hughes' 'fast piecing applique method and pattern', the picture depicts fields of grasses, shady bushes, a stream to catch fish in and distant hills of more adventure...all under a beautiful pink sky with stars.

I named it Rainbow Fields because I hoped it would be the place just before the Rainbow Bridge...where I know I will meet up with him again one day. Most pet owners are famliar with the Rainbow Bridge - (essentially a place in the afterlife where we are reunited with our lost ones).The black cat in the frame is him, and he is kept company by an orange Tabby whose name is Sam. He was another of my 'kids' who passed away a few years back now. I pray that they are happy and pain free...and we miss them both very much.

The quilt has inspired me to continue on my journey of mini art quilts and I'm currently working on a series of trees.....