November 13, 2012

Preparing for Summer

Time to get busy ! The new fabrics for my store are upon me and I'm spending the next few weeks making up some goodies for summer piggy comfort.

Millie draping herself over an ice brick !
Snickers, Paris and Millie...attempting to share an ice brick !
Summer is well and truly about to hit us and everybody who knows Guinea pigs, knows that they really don't take the heat too well. Mine are often huddled around the cool bricks that I give them during the hot months.

So I've decided to remake a popular seller in my store and modify it for summer...The sleep out bags will soon also be available in cotton, inner and outer (with a plush soft core) so that our poor piggies do not roast when we cuddle them !

Here is the fabrics that are waiting ! Oh much to get done ! I'm hoping to have some in store in the next few weeks and I hope everyone out there who have tried my sleep out bags will love them.

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