September 1, 2011

Spring is Here !

It's the first day of Spring 2011 and creativity is pumping through my brain. I have been busy over winter, designing some new creations and starting many new projects...but spring brings with it a new sense of adventure. I'm currently in the process of registering my business name, which will give me the freedom to create under my own label and hopefully finally get my Etsy shop up and running. I'm very excited about that.

I've been continuing to do various ATC swaps and this last month have participated in my first ever Post card swap with two lovely ladies overseas. Of course the theme was 'cats'. Would you think anything else from me? It was just the three of us in this grouping and below are pictures of the two fabric postcards that I sent out to them.

This picture (below) is of my last ATC Art History swap based on a Renaissance theme. A little out there, I know...but when i think Renaissance, I think of all those beautiful big dresses the ladies wore and the  cross threading they had to hold them together. So i decided to fashion a card on that...

This month will see me continue to research and build my art endeavours, as well as finish up some other projects (there's always plenty U.F.O's (quilters term for unfinished objects)).
I'm beginning work on my first commissioned piece and I'm super excited about that....