April 11, 2011

Some new additions

Hi all, again there has been a long break in my blogging, but I have been busy working on some recent craft projects and art quilts which I'm now proudly adding to my site to share.
The first one is a prototype I made of a 'inner beauty' series I'm hoping to make more of. It features the wonderful ladies of Loralie Harris which I absolutely adore. The background is created from a variety of materials sourced from a variety of places. Mostly upcycled clothing !
I plan to do a series of these, with different ladies, to eventually try to put on Etsy. I would love some feedback !
The second finished project is one that started with the purchase of a very interesting background fabric from ebay. I loved it so much and wanted to create a space village scene as inspired by Karen Eckmeier's 'Happy Villages'. I was very pleased with how it came out and also plan to do a follow up series of smaller ones, again for Etsy when I open later this year.
The finished quilt is approx 24"x24" and includes fused elements, including aluminium in some places, under tulle and is hand stitched throughout. Again I'd love to hear what you think !


So that is my most recent (and finished) quilts. I have a few others which are nearing completion and I'm hoping to get them done by the end of April !
I am including some links to some of the books and artists that have inspired me so much, in case anyone would like a reference.

As if only doing 50 things at once was no enough for me, I'm embarking on a few other ventures this year. Firstly I'm doing the Journal 365 workshop by Pam Carriker. Wow - what a lot of fun. I already art journal a LOT but it's so inspiring to be pushed outside your normal comfort zone. I'll be posting a few of my pages here from time to time.
As well as that, I am once again getting my ATC swaps up and going. Last year got a bit crazy toward the end and I had many months of no swaps. But I'm very excited to be in a small group of artists doing a regular monthly swap focusing on periods of time over the ages (ie, medieval, industrial etc) with an open theme.

That's it for now, stay tuned...

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